Did you know that Lily Pulitzer's original watercolor women's clothing patterns were designed to hide the stains from the Florida oranges that she and her husband grew, and would freshly squeeze, to sell at a fruit juice stand in Palm Beach?  The colorful patterns and dress styles were such a big hit that she was soon selling more dresses than juice at the stand. From the 1960's into the 1980's Lily Pulitzer styles were worn by many style wise preppy ladies.  Lily's former school friend, Jackie Kennedy, even adorned one of her original dresses on the cover of Life Magazine in 1962.  The fun patterns and colors are still loved by many women today.

The Sugar Patch has put together a collection of patterns and colors that are inspired by those of Lily Pulitzer.... Fun watercolor patterns in bright colors!

**The patterns shown are NOT actual Lily Pulitzer designs**