Sugar Patch overlays for use with Deck My Diabetes GripShield™ for Tandem Mobi™ insulin pump

Introducing the GripShield™ (Patent Pending) for the revolutionary Tandem Mobi™ insulin pump — the ultimate accessory designed to enhance your experience with comfort and functionality.

Crafted from durable yet flexible materials, the GripShield™ ensures that your  Mobi™ pump stays securely in place throughout your day-to-day activities. Say goodbye to worries about accidental dislodgment, thanks to its innovative design engineered to provide maximum protection.

Versatility meets style with our wide range of available colors, allowing you to personalize your pump setup to suit your unique taste and preferences. Plus, the unidirectional feature means you can insert the pump in either direction, offering unparalleled convenience.

But that's not all. The GripShield™ is not just about security; it's also about comfort. Compatible with The Sugar Patch overlay patches designed specifically for the Deck My Diabetes GripShield™, it seamlessly integrates with your Mobi™ pump setup to provide an extra layer of comfort while ensuring your pump stays firmly attached to your body.

If you do not already have the Deck My Diabetes GripShield™ for the Mobi™ pump, please visit the Deck My Diabetes website to order yours today!

When you have your Deck My Diabetes GripShield™ for the Mobi™ pump ordered, come back to The Sugar Patch to order your hypoallergenic overlays designed specifically for the GripShield™.