WarriorBuddy™ Miniature Overlay Patches for Deck My Diabetes WarriorBuddy™ Accessories

Everyone needs a Diabetes Buddy!  Our friends at Deck My Diabetes have the perfect buddy for you or your young warrior!  WarriorBuddy™ Bear has Diabetes, and he wears the same Diabetes Technology as you or your warrior.  When you get your WarriorBuddy™ Bear, you will also get your choice of a toy miniature CGM sensor & receiver (for Dexcom G7, Dexcom G6, Libre 2, Libre 3, or Medtronic), Omnipod pod & controller, or TSlim insulin pump & infusion set.  The accessories can even be worn by your young warrior's favorite doll, or by the Deck My Diabetes WarriorBuddy™ Elf.
The Sugar Patch now has matching life-sized and miniature overlays for your Deck My Diabetes WarriorBuddy™ Accessories.
Look for more to be added to our website soon!