The Sugar Patch


Custom Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Overlays with Extended Wear Adhesive for CGMs, Pods, and Infusion Sites

Sizes and Shapes

DEXCOM G6 - Circular shaped - 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches 

SOLID PATCH/NO CUT-OUT - Circular shaped - 3.5 inches

DEXCOM G7 - Circular shaped - 2.75 inches

OMNIPOD - Pod shaped - 3 inches x 3.85 inches

LIBRE 3 - Circular shaped - 2.75 inches

LIBRE 2 - Circular shaped - 3.5 inches

INFUSION SITE - Circular shaped - 2.75 inches

Our patches do not contain or include any type of medications or prescription items.  They are latex free, and are made solely for the purpose of keeping your pumps and sensors securely attached, while bringing a smile to the not-so-fun stuff that goes with having diabetes.

The patch designs shown are digital images and the actual patch may have a slightly duller appearance due to the porous material used.

Please, refer to your physician or device manufacturer for any questions that you may have regarding the use of tape or patches.

**THE SUGAR PATCH LLC is not affiliated with Dexcom, Medtronic, Abbot (makers of Freestyle Libre), Insulet (makers of Omnipod), or any other medical device manufacturer.