The Sugar Patch


UNDERLAY/BARRIER PATCHES 2.35 INCHES X 3.3 INCHES  Great for Dexcom G6, Medtronic Guardian and Libre sensors!

Many of our friends have experienced severe adhesive reactions from CGM sensors & pump infusion sites, so we have made some simple unprinted barrier tapes, with the same hypoallergenic tape used in our patches, that will keep the sensor or pump tape from touching the skin and causing reactions, itching, and/or adhesive chemical burns.

These Oval Shaped Adhesive Barrier patches go under the sensor, pod or infusion site, protecting you from the adhesives used in the diabetes technology that you use.  The barriers are large enough to protect your skin under Dexcom, Medtronic & Libre sensors, Omnipod (pods) & infusion sites, yet small enough to be completely covered by our designer patches/overlays.  We recommend that you also use one of our over patches to additionally secure your sensor, pod or infusion set.


The barrier patches are designed to be applied to the skin underneath the sensor/pod/infusion set to protect sensitive skin from the adhesive of the sensor/pod/infusion set. Clean and allow the skin to dry in the area where you will be applying the sensor/pod/infusion set.  Remove the paper backing from the barrier patch and apply to the skin. Peel the backing away from the sensor/pod/infusion set. Place it over the barrier patch and insert the sensor/pod/infusion set through the patch.  Use one of our overlay patches over the sensor/pod/infusion set and barrier patch to keep it secured to the skin.  Be sure to pat dry the patches, or use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the patches, after bathing or showering.