If you are interested in a Sample Pack to distribute to your patients, please, provide your name and professional title, the name of your healthcare facility/office, your professional email, and the telephone number to your office at checkout.  IF YOUR CHECKOUT INFORMATION DOES NOT INCLUDE THE ABOVE VERIFIABLE  INFORMATION, WE WILL NOT SHIP THIS HEALTHCARE PROVIDER SAMPLE PACKAGE TO YOU. 

Are you a professional healthcare provider, medical trainer, or health educator who is interested in our products for your patients to try?

Just like you, we want your patients to wear their medical technology without the worries of skin irritation or losing the gear that assists in their treatment plan.  The Sugar Patch overlays and barrier patches are available for Dexcom CGM sensors, Libre CGM sensors, Medtronic CGM sensors, Omnipod pump pods, and infusion sites. Our patches are hypoallergenic, and are made with extended wear adhesive that will keep their gear secure through the specified wear time of each device. The lightweight nonwoven polyester material has a slight stretch that will conform to the skin through everyday activities. All of our patches are made with a prorpietary medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive that has proven to be gentle on the skin.  The patches will remain secure through bathing, swimming, and water sports, and will dry quickly afterwards. We offer patches in many different designs and solid colors that will fit the style of anyone wearing continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and infusion sets used for many different medical reasons.  

To order:

You will find a dropdown box to order sample patches for an assortment of patches for each of the following medical devices:

  • Dexcom G6 CGM sensor overlays & barrier patches**
  • Dexcom G7 CGM sensor overlays & barrier patches**
  • Libre 2 CGM sensor overlays & barrier patches**
  • Libre 3 CGM sensor overlays & barrier patches**
  • Medtronic CGM sensor overlays (solid patch with no holes/ no cut-outs that completely covers the sensor)**
  • Omnipod insulin pump pod overlays**
  • Infusion Set overlays (will fit securely around most types of infusion sets)
  • Solid patches with no cut-outs (no holes that completely covers most flat or low rise sensors)
  • Mix of All of the above

Be sure to enter the number of sample kits for your office (up to 3 Sample Kits per every 90 days).
Add the selection to your cart.  On the cart page, you will also find a place to leave us any special notes about your order.

Each Sample Kit will include 30 white overlays and barrier patches for each specific device that you select, and will also include 50 cards that will have our website and email for you to distribute to your patients.

 **THE SUGAR PATCH LLC is not affiliated with Dexcom, Medtronic, Abbot (makers of Freestyle Libre), Insulet (makers of Omnipod), or any other medical device manufacturer.

 Please, understand that we are a small family business, filling lots of orders for our sweet friends from around the world every day.  There may be times when we are extremely busy, and your sample order could be delayed as we make sure that our customers receive their orders in a timely manner.